We are YOUR medical home!

As your chosen medical providers here at Primary Care Associates of Western Pennsylvania,we strive to give you the best care possible. In becoming a Patient Centered Medical Home we are transforming how primary care is organized and delivered with YOU as the centerpiece. How does this affect you?

    As a medical home,we are accountable for meeting the large majority of all of your needs: behavioral,mental,physical,chronic care,acute care,after hours care. We can do this with a team comprised of your chosen provider here at the office,nurses at Primary Care Associates,as well as all providers you see outside of our office,pharmacists,nutritionists,educators,and community resources.
    We will provide care to you centered around�YOU!! We will partner with you and your family to understand and respect your needs,cultures,values,and preferences. We will actively support you in learning to manage and organize your care at the level you choose. We recognize your family as an important part of the team,ensuring that they too are fully informed part of your care team.
    What is your responsibility? Be as honest as you can with your family and us so that we can build a care plan that is perfect for you and all of your needs.
    Primary Care medical homes coordinate care across the broad health spectrum including,specialists, therapists,educators,hospitals,nursing homes,home health,and community resources. This coordinated care is critical especially in transitioning you from one provider to another,as in a discharge from a hospital stay. We will strive to excel at having open communication lines with you,your family,and any members of your whole health care team.What is your responsibility? It is as easy as being sure we are knowledgeable of all of your specialists,therapists,tests,and procedures so that we can coordinate your care across the whole health spectrum. You need to be sure to communicate to us our information such as your medications,specialist visits,medical history,recent testing, self-care information,and information from recent hospital stays or ER visits.
    Primary Care Associates delivers accessible health services with face-to-face appointments,same day appointments for urgent and chronic care,after hours access,extended office hours,telephone access and well as electronic access with our patient portal.
    What is your responsibility? Know how to reach us during office hours and after. You can call,stop in with a question,or use your patient portal to send secure electronic messages. You can contact our on-call provider by calling the answering service after normal business hours. Please be aware that we work very hard to reply to all of our patients� needs and will try our best to respond to your requests in the same business day.
    Primary Care Associates has a commitment to quality and quality improvement by using evidence-based medicine and clinical-decision support tools to share decision making with you and your family,measure our performance and improvement,and to measure and respond to your experiences and satisfaction. Sharing our quality, safety,and improvement data publicly is our demonstration of our commitment to you.

If you have any questions regarding what a medical home means to you or your responsibilities in this model,please ask your nurse today or schedule time to speak with your clinician about the medical home. We are hoping that you are always very satisfied with your care here. We hope to provide you the care you need and deserve to be the best you can be!